Wissahickon's Schools to Play Basketball at Marymount

 On Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2019, Wissahickon senior Anna Schools was recognized for committing to play basketball at Marymount University. To view photos of the event, please visit the Photo Gallery at the following link:  https://solsports.zenfolio.com/p1013743825


Anna Schools – Marymount University (Basketball)


Major:  Health Care Management/Business


Final list of colleges:  Marymount, Lycoming


Reasons for choosing Marymount:   “I chose Marymount because it is a better fit for me academically, and it has my major. It’s a program where I could potentially get time as a freshman. I really like the coaching staff and the girls on the team I have met.”


What was the progression that led you to competing in basketball at the collegiate level?  “I have been thinking about playing a sport in college since I was a freshman. I have been playing AAU basketball since seventh grade. Once my sophomore year started, I really started the recruitment process. I emailed coaches and asked them to come to my games. I went to plenty of ID clinics from low D3 to high D3. Once my junior year took off, I made highlights and sent them to coaches. Talking to some coaches went further than others. I did two overnight stays at two different schools. I went out to the team’s games. Eventually, it came down to two, and I believe that Marymount is the best fit for me, and I am extremely excited.”


Coach Rodney Cline says:  “I’ve known Anna since she was in sixth grade when I taught her in middle school. She’s an athlete, and she plays two or three varsity sports. She’s someone you could always rely on when you go out on the floor – she’s going to give you 150 percent, she’s going to leave it all out there, sacrifice her body in every way to try to get the win and do what’s right for the team. That starts also at practice. She works hard at practice – she wants to be first in everything she does. She gets focused, she locks in, and she tries to make the people around her better, but in the end, she has that innate ice cold blood in her veins, and when the game’s on the line, give me the ball – I’ll make it happen. Those are things you can’t teach. Either you have that or you don’t have that. She was a blessing to have on the team, she was a pleasure to coach, and to me, her ceiling is so high. When you play more than one sport in high school, it takes time away from the other sport. Now that she’s going to college, she can focus on that one sport. The sky’s the limit. I look forward to watching her play and seeing how good she can be.” 


About Anna:

Favorite food:  Pizza

Favorite movie:  Forrest Gump

Favorite music:  Pop/Country


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