Abington vs. Cheltenham

Abington Comments

@Abington 4
Cheltenham 0

Half time 2-0

Abington Goals
Camryn Stewart (assist Paige Doyle and Ava Paxson)
Devan DiMaria (Grace Kirwin)
Paige Doyle (Ava Paxson)
Alice Dougherty (Erica Devlin)

Marilyn Capps 3 saves
9 corners

Mayana Perry 5 saves
Dylan Miller 1 save
1 corner

Abington came into the game today riding a high after a big win at H/H on Wednesday. Abington was able to get on the board within the first five minutes with a shot by Paige Doyle in a corner. All four of Abington’s goals were scored during corner play. Cheltenham played a great game in the circle today making it very difficult for us to find the net easily. Abington saw great play today from Doyle, Grace Kirwin and Tori Flint.