Avon Grove vs. Council Rock South

Council Rock South Comments

Kerry Kaufman, 0:03 remaining in the 1st, unassisted - beautiful goal and beautiful shot. Kerry took the ball in and slammed it in which really ignited and pumped our team up to give them the momentum that we needed.
Kylee Hager, 7:46 remaining in the 2nd, Kerry Kaufman assist- Time restarted with 8:24 remaining after our rain postponed with the ball on the 18. The girls went right down, earned a corner. Kerry had a direct shot and Kylee had an amazing tip to put the ball in the net and tie up the score.
Caroline Martin, 7:18 remaining in the 3rd, Kylee Hager assist- Kylee took a defender one on one, drove the endline and dumped it to the stroke where Caroline Martin knocked it in.

Defensive save: Megan Rafter and Grace Franchini

Avon Grove:
Megan Winiarski, 10:14 remaining in the 1st. Ella Carwile assist.
Madison Britton, 2:06 remaining in the 1st, unassisted
Isabella Huller, 2:23 remaining in the 3rd
(I do not have written down who scored the game winning goal for their team- I believe it was Madison Britton)

The girls played their absolute hearts out. I could not be more proud of how they played, battled back from a 2 goal deficit, and handled going into double overtime. It was a great match up. While I would have loved to come out on top, and the loss hurts, it is rare to have a heartbreaking loss like this and still have so much pride for how we played. Every single player on the team played well and should be proud of their performance. Our seniors and captains, Kerry Kaufman and Kasey Knapp, they both played an amazing game. They left their mark on the program and will be missed.

I am very fortunate to have coached such an amazing team of girls this season. They never gave up and had a season to be proud of. I hope they hold their heads high and their memories from this season close to their hearts- it was truly a special season.