Bristol vs. Upper Moreland

Upper Moreland Comments
(UM) 7:23 Q1- Goal Lia Liou
(UM) 5:34 Q3 - Goal Maggie Morrow, Assist - Kyleigh Convey

Corners: (UM) 5, (Bristol) -5
Saves: Addi Hurley (UM) - 3

We did what we needed to do today to get a win. We were gritty and fought the whole game. We learned a few lessons last week while playing on the grass at Tennent and we were able to adapt to the grass today rather quickly. Our backs did a nice job stepping to the ball and limiting the shots on cage. Lia Liou and Zoe Longstreth both played a great game in the midfield.

Next Game - Monday (9/12) 5:00PM @ Springfield