Central Bucks West vs. Bensalem

Central Bucks West Comments
CB West Goal Scoring:
Bella Aulisio (2) Mimi Duffy (2) Nina Mayro (2) Riley Fitzmartin (1) Carley Briece (1)

Shots on Goal: CBW=21; Bensalem=0

Penalty Corners: CBW=13; Bensalem=0

This was our first complete end-to-end game of the season. We were connecting and transitioning the ball nicely across each of the lines tonight. Our team created a lot of opportunity in our offensive zone with a 5 different student-athletes being able to finish into the cage. Our midfielders and defense rotated and transitioned well to help keep us out of harms way.

Credit to Bensalem for continuing to battle throughout the match.