Central Bucks West vs. Council Rock South

Central Bucks West Comments
It was a good and competitive match. It was nice to see a lot of connections moving the ball throughout the game that lead to a lot of offensive opportunities. We will continue to work on finishing our opportunities along with maintaining focus on our transitional defense and marking.
Council Rock South Comments
Elise Lindros goal, assisted by Breanna Gable, in the 2nd quarter with 0:52 remaining.
Amanda Green goal, assisted by Megan Rafter on a corner, in the 3rd quarter with 11:48 remaining.
Kerry Kaufman goal, assisted by Kylee Hager with 3:46 remaining in the 3rd.

Megan Rafter had 4 defensive saves and Amanda Green had a defensive save.

Corners: 3
Shots on Goal: 14
Saves: 10

CB West
Calista Boos, assisted by Bella Aulisio scores with 5:05 remaining in the 3rd.

Corners: 9
Shots on goal: 14
Saves: 12

Amanda Green had an excellent game today. She created many offensive opportunities and it was clear that she was eager to win which was the spark that we needed today. Elise Lindros played well today and scored on a nice pass from Breanna Gable. Amanda Green connected on a nice corner sent in from Megan Rafter. Kylee Hager did an excellent job driving the end line and sent a pass to Kerry Kaufman for a beautiful goal. CB West has some talented players that created opportunities for them and were quick moving to the ball generating a lot of corners on us. They did a good job with their block up. CB West had a nice goal against us and really played well all around.

I was happy with the way our team quickly answered CB West goal, putting another one 29 seconds later.