Central Bucks West vs. Pennridge

Central Bucks West Comments
CBW Goals: Bella Aulisio (1) 2Q; Mimi Duffy (2) 4Q
CBW Penalty Corners=9; PHS Penalty Corners=5
CBW Shots on Goal=16; PHS Shots on Goal=7
CBW GK Saves=7; PHS GK Saves=13

The evening began with a celebration of our (and PHS) seniors: Bella Aulisio, Carley Briece, Riley Fitzmartin, Hannah Maughan, Emily Moering, Kate Waskey, and Charlotte Weiss. Our seniors were able to begin and close out the game with both energy and effort.

A match against Pennridge is always competitive and this evening was no different. There are many student-athletes from both teams that play club together - they know each other and their tendencies very well.

Both teams were able to move the ball and create multiple offensive opportunities. We felt that as the game progressed - and started to understand their defensive positioning - we began to connect better with our passing combinations. Each of our lines were able to make key contributions when we needed them the most. It does NOT get old - we are proud regarding our teams effort and progression as the season continues.

Huge credit to Pennridge Coach Becky and Coach Melissa - the PHS defense really knows how to lock it down. It was a battle to get clean shots off inside the circle. It was a full team effort getting our goals to the back of the cage tonight.