Central Bucks West vs. Springfield Township

Central Bucks West Comments
CBW Goal Scoring: Kendall Siegle (4Q)
Penalty Corners: CBW=16; Springfield (M)=2
Shots on Goal: CBW=19; Springfield (M)=0
GK Saves: CBW=0; Springfield (M)=17
This was a spirited and hard fought match. Credit to the Springfield (M) defense and GK as they continued to lock it down inside the circle. We were not as protective nor did we step to the ball as well as we should have for much of this match. Over the final 7 minutes - you could see our team begin to step up with better ball movement and crisper passing. It literally came down to the final play of regulation - where we earned a corner with seconds left on the clock. We inserted the ball as time ran out - there was a massive scrum inside the circle - and - we were super excited when Kendall Siegle was able to tap it into the back of the cage for the victory.
Today wrapped up a good but long week of field hockey (our 4th game). Very proud of our student-athletes as they continued to battle for the FULL 60 minutes.
Springfield Township Comments
GAME DATE: October 2, 2021

SCORE: Springfield Twp (M) 0, Central Bucks West 1



CB West #16 Kendall Siegle

Erin Roy had the most incredible game with 17 saves!!! 4 Defensive saves (Annie Coll 2, Abby Congdon 1, and Emily Jackson 1) The defense played a very solid heads-up game, marking, working together, it was absolutely amazing. Charlotte Drapkin, Abby Congdon, Hailey Lesniak, and Emily Jackson have gelled as a cohesive defensive unit. I am very proud of them for the work they have done. Annie Coll really held the midfield together and kept us focused.

CB West was aggressive and kept their sticks down probably one of the hardest working teams I have seen this season. They are a good team.

Springfield Twp

PC 2
Gk saves 17

CB West
SOG 18
PC 17
Gk saves 0