Council Rock South vs. Bensalem

Council Rock South Comments
CRS Goals:

Megan Rafter, Kerry Kaufman assist, on a corner with 11:37 remaining in the 1st.
Kerry Kaufman, stroke, unassisted, 6:27 remaining in the 1st.
Kylee Hager, unassisted, 4:46 remaining in the 1st.
Kerry Kaufman, Kylee Hager assist, on a corner with 10:35 remaining in the 2nd.
Kerry Kaufman, Elise Lindros assist, with 6:35 remaining in the 2nd.
Annagrace McKinney, unassisted rebound off the goalie, with 2:15 remaining in the 2nd.
Amanda Green, unassisted, with 11:45 remaining in the 3rd.
Clare Morgan, Kerry Kaufman assist, with 7:45 remaining in the 4th.

The team played well today and made good connections on their passing. They did a nice job adjusting to different positions and moved the ball well. Kerry Kaufman had a hand in many of the goals in today's game. Amanda Green and Breanna Gable have been doing a nice job in the midfield positions. Over the past several games, they have both really contributed both offensively and defensively. The generate a lot of offense down the sidelines as well as do an excellent job getting back and helping out the defense.

Bensalem did a nice job in the circle defensively and their goalie had a lot of nice saves today.