Council Rock South vs. Harry S. Truman

Council Rock South Comments
CRS Goals:

Amanda Green, unassisted, with 12:17 remaining in the 1st.
Kerry Kaufman, Kylee Hager assist, 8:01 remaining in the 1st.
Kylee Hager, unassisted, 7:46 remaining in the 1st
Kerry Kaufman, unassisted, 4:19 remaining in the 1st
Caroline Martin, unassisted, 14:36 remaining in the 2nd
Caroline Martin, unassisted, 5:02 remaining in the 2nd
Kylee Hager, Kerry Kaufman assist, 3:36 remaining in the 2nd
Megan Rafter, unassisted, 7:51 remaining in the 3rd.

The team did a nice job moving the ball around and creating opportunities. Truman's goalie had a lot of really nice saves tonight and played well.

Tonight was our senior night. It was a beautiful night for a field hockey game and was a nice night to celebrate our seniors, Kerry Kaufman and Kasey Knapp. Both girls played well tonight and are great captains this season. I am looking forward to seeing what they will both do next week in playoffs. Kerry and Kasey have worked so hard since they were freshman and put a lot into the program over the years- it was wonderful to see them honored tonight.