Council Rock South vs. Pennsbury

Council Rock South Comments
Final Score
Council Rock South 6, Pennsbury 2

Halftime Score
Council Rock South 3, Pennsbury 0

1st Half Goals
CRS-Kerry Kaufman (8:36) from Rachael Rolle
CRS-Katelyn Cocco (14:29) from Cailey Hiscox
CRS-Rachael Rolle (29:34)

2nd Half Goals
CRS-Katelyn Cocco (0:15) from Brigid Morgan
CRS-Ava Haurin (3:49)
P-Juliana Martin (14:52)
P-Maddie Spratt (27:45)
CRS-Katelyn Cocco (29:39)

CRS 15
Pennsbury 7

GK Saves
Karlie McCloskey (CRS) 5
Kiera Korzeb (Pennsbury) 6
Haley Derr (Pennsbury) 4
Pennsbury Comments
Monday, September 16, 2019

There are some things that just cannot be coached. Believing as individuals and as a team that you are capable, worthy, talented, and strong comes from within and on this particular Monday afternoon, Pennsbury struggled with that positive mindset. Those things can be modeled, discussed, and encouraged, but unless there is true belief that sinks in, it is difficult for a team to overcome any game, let alone a challenging one. Council Rock South came out ready to dominate and that is what they did. The score was 3-0 going into the half after South got a corner and scored with only 26 seconds remaining. The Falcons had a few moments of inspiration in the second half, but they allowed CR South to control the game and the score reflected exactly that. Keira Korzeb and Haley Derr fought hard in the goal for PHS and Nicole Joniak and Hannah Aker played their typical consistent defense throughout the game. Sophia Hitchingham worked hard in the center to distribute, set up momentum, and provide offensive opportunities. With Pennsbury being down 5-0, Julianna Martin scored the Falcons’ first goal with a great shot from the outside. Her determination and effort in keeping possession up the left side contributed to that finish. Maddy Spratt added another goal later in the half off of the combined contribution of Sophia Hitchingham and Kayli Williams. There are definitely small victories to take from within this loss and we are working hard to use those sparks to help us to move forward. The focus for the Falcons will be on working as a cohesive unit to improve their 1-6 record. That is something we are very proud of in our team - we do not look to one single player to fix it all or do all of the work - we rely on everyone contributing and taking responsibility for their role and carrying out that role to the best of their ability in any given moment. The Falcons will head to Truman on Wednesday and then travel to Neshaminy on Friday as they continue their long stretch of away games.