Harry S. Truman vs. Council Rock South

Council Rock South Comments
1st quarter
-Kerry Kaufman, unassisted, 13:04 remaining
-Kylee Hager, unassisted, 11:10 remaining
-Amanda Green, unassisted off a rebound, 8:50 remaining
-Kylee Hager, unassisted off a rebound, 6:55 remaining
-Caroline Martin, unassisted rebound off goalie, 3:48 remaining
-Megan Rafter, assisted by Clare Morgan, off a corner, 1:32 remaining

2nd Quarter
-Kerry Kaufman, assisted by Megan Rafter, 9:40 remaining

3rd Quarter
-Kerry Kaufman, assisted by Amanda Green, 13:43 remaining
-Caroline Martin, assisted by Kylee Hager, 11:12 remaining
-Amanda Green, assisted by Megan Rafter, 7:53 remaining

We are working on continuing to connect on our passing and support each other with our off ball movement. Bensalem had some really nice defensive saves during the game and their goalie was credited with 22 saves.