Harry S. Truman vs. Pennsbury

Pennsbury Comments
Pennsbury's pre-game had a different look on this chilly Monday afternoon. Due to the shortages surrounding busing and drivers, the team was forced to arrive at Truman three hours before the starting whistle. The Truman team's senior night was slated to begin at 5pm on the turf instead of the typical 3:30 start. Curtis & Co. did not mind the early arrival and made the best of it while hanging out in a classroom that the Truman AD was so gracious to set up for them. Everyone did their own thing - while the coaches worked on the line up, some players did homework, others hung out talking and laughing, a few took the opportunity to have a dance party, and everyone filled up on snacks. The people at Truman were very kind and accommodating, helping us to be comfortable inside while waiting, said head coach, Traci Curtis. Once we hit the field for warms ups and the senior ceremony, Truman's hospitality continued with flowers for our seniors and the announcing of their names. With only a varsity game planned for the evening, the PHS coaches made plans to work in all of their players across both JV and Varsity rosters, similar to how they had navigated the Conwell game on Saturday. The starting line up came out strong as Reagan Ward connected from the stroke mark on an endline pass from Meg McClure two minutes into the game. Five minutes later, Ward struck again with an assist by Liz Jordan. The score was 2-0 going into the second quarter. Fresh faces and feet filled almost every position in the Falcons' second quarter line up and Mia Popovich added an un assisted goal ten minutes in. Jessie Martin assisted a Chelsea Todd goal with two minutes left and the Falcons went into halftime with a 4-0 lead. The Tigers held us scoreless in the third quarter with the help of their goalie who had an outstanding game. She made over 20 saves throughout the game and made us work hard for the goals that we were able to finish. It was fun to watch her play out there. The temperatures were dropping as the game went on and by the fourth quarter players, coaches, refs, and fans were all chilled to the bone, but PHS was not done yet. Reagan Ward notched a hat trick halfway into the final quarter on an assist from EB Rafferty to bring the score to 5-0. Ward played so confidently tonight and she did some really nice things out there on offense. For the finale, Meg McClure landed two beautiful unassisted shots into the far corner of the goal using her signature move that really deserves to be named. She is like an entertainer on the right side of the field. McClure puts on a great show and it's always got us on the edge of our seats! Pennsbury was able to work 29 players into the 7-0 win and once again JV and Varsity came together to earn the victory. The Truman players worked very hard and did some very nice things throughout the game. We have the utmost respect for their program and the dedication they have to getting better. Shout out to their seniors and to their goalie who did such a great job. Best of luck to them as they finish out their season. Pennsbury will host CR North on Wed. for their final regular season game and is keeping fingers crossed that some sort of magic happens in the standings to allow them to squeak into playoffs. We are not ready for it to end yet, says Curtis, our story is just getting started!