Hatboro-Horsham vs. Pennsbury

Pennsbury Comments
The entire Pennsbury coaching staff are shaking their heads after walking away with only 2 goals against Hatboro. Hats off (pun intended) to the Hatboro-Horsham field hockey team for digging deep, listening to their coach, never giving up, and implementing a defensive strategy that held the Falcons to only two notches in the score column. Despite Hatboro barely crossing the 50 yard line offensively, they stayed strong and kept fighting. Pennsbury was not able to capitalize on opportunities until the fourth quarter. The orange and black severely struggled on the slow grass field to push through ten Hatters packed into the circle along with the goalie to put that little orange ball into the big cage. Horsham's keeper had some great stops to keep the game tied 0-0 into half time and boy did they fight hard to the very end. The Falcons made several adjustments throughout the battle in attempts to read and react to the situation at hand, but it seemed that the Hatters defensive focus and determination was just enough to continue stopping all Falcon offensive attacks. The Hatters had heart. Nineteen corners for PHS resulted in only one of the goals, and after almost 20 shots the second goal came, which means we know what PHS will be practicing in the morning and every day moving forward. Meg McClure scored both goals for Pennsbury - her first was a deflection on a pass from Liz Jordan across the goal and the second was off of a strong corner shot from Sophia Curtis. McClure picked up the rebound and put it right back in. Games like this, although frustrating in many ways, are vital learning experiences as our team evaluates itself and re-centers in preparation for the next step. The most glaring fact that came out of this contest is that turf fields are an absolutely necessary part of growing this sport and setting teams of all ability levels up for success in learning and playing the game the way field hockey is supposed to be played. Playing field hockey on grass is archaeic and not allowing teams to keep up with the way the game is rapidly changing. Standout players for the Falcons include Meg McClure and Jaclyn Gorgo on attack, Sophia Curtis & Olivia Graebner on defense, and Molly Murray in the center of the field. The Falcons will travel to face Neshaminy for another grass game on Tuesday for what is historically an extremely intense, hard fought contest.