Neshaminy vs. Pennsbury

Neshaminy Comments
Neshaminy 5, Pennsbury 1

First half:
Peyton Ritchey from Madi Neiman, 24:41
Brooke Cordisco from Madi Neiman 21:17
Sanaa Hebron from Peyton Ritchey, 5:51

Pennsbury: Celia Dolan, 4:42

Second half:
Peyton Ritchey from Jamie Pennington
Madi Neiman from Asia Barnard, 12:42

Today we played strong and as team the whole game, we had lots of offensive pressure and created good opportunities to score. Peyton Ritchey lead the offense and Sanna Hebron worked hard throughout the game. Jamie Pennington and Brooke Cordisco worked well in the center and distributed the ball well. We start our second half of the season next week, and we will continue to work hard and together throughout the rest of the season.
Pennsbury Comments
Friday, September 20, 2019
Neshaminy 5, Pennsbury 1

Pennsbury’s goalie Keira Korzeb was on fire from the start. With 24 saves in the game and that same number of penalty corners to defend, it was an awesome victory for her as a goalkeeper allowing Neshaminy only five goals in the sixty minutes. We made sure that she knew that she did win in the cage. It was fun to watch her play today. The Falcons struggled defensively to start being forced back on their heels as Neshaminy kept coming down the field strong. They scored two goals within four minutes of each other and then another with six minutes left in the half. Pennsbury midfielder, Celia Dolan, answered back finding that back of the cage with a little less five minutes left in the first half, making it 3-1. That spark allowed the Falcons to come out energized in the second half regrouped and renewed and they forced a couple of penalty corners, but could not convert. Not converting on those opportunities is tough. We could not capitalize on any of those moments. Neshaminy made it very difficult for us to create offensive opportunities. They are an extremely smart, strong, skilled, fast, and disciplined team. You have to work beyond hard to earn anything from them as an opponent. Pennsbury was able to come out on top in small moments, but that is not enough against that kind of power. The Falcons will continue to push forward, learn from every game, and do the work necessary to get better every day. They travel to CR North on Monday for their second meeting with The Rock.