Neshaminy vs. Pennsbury

Neshaminy Comments
Neshaminy 7, Pennsbury 0

1st quarter- Ava Arbakov from Kasey Rieger ,12:12
2nd quarter- Caitlyn Colyar from Kasey Rieger, 14:34
2nd quarter - Kasey Rieger from Avery McGinty, 9:49
2nd quarter- Mia Sermarini from Kasey Rieger, 6:12
3rd quarter- Caitlyn Colyar from Ava Arbakov, 14:18
3rd quarter- Caitlyn Colyar from Kasey Rieger, 10:42
4th quarter- Colette Schardt unassisted 5:50

Today was a good win for us—Pennsbury is always a tough team and a hard fought game. After our loss to CR South, I’m proud of the way we came together today and played. We have worked hard at practice the last few days, and it showed today. Defensively Avery McGinty and Megan Hollenbaugh stepped up and played well. Colette Schardt played well in the center and forwards Caitlyn Colyar, Kasey Rieger and Ava Arbakov all played strong up top. We played together as a team today and will continue to play hard and work together throughout the season.
Pennsbury Comments
It's difficult to sum up today's game for the Falcons, but the score should say it all. We knew this game was going to be a different level of challenge than we had seen, but the coaches were not expecting the team to respond (or not respond) the way they did, said head coach, Traci Curtis. Unfortunately, Pennsbury did not rise to the occasion and that annual mental block that gets in the way when playing the Skins took over - it's a horrible gift that keeps on giving. Neshaminy is an incredibly fast, skilled, polished, united team with talent throughout every layer of the field. It rocked us to the core and our girls just did not find a way to relax and play our game. We forgot that we are also a fast, skilled, polished, and united team, Curtis added. The mental part of the game for high school kids is tough to coach and can send a game spiraling out of control and that's what happened from the first whistle. We are wracking our brains as a coaching staff trying to find ways to convince our girls that they are worthy of competing at this level, but it ultimately has to come from within. Neshaminy opened up with a goal in the first 5 minutes of the game, but the Falcons kept it at 1-0 into the second quarter and seemed to be gaining a little bit of momentum and confidence. That was all shattered in the second quarter when Neshaminy racked up three more goals to give the Skins a 4-0 lead at half time. That hole is too deep against a team like Neshaminy and although the Falcons continued to make an attempt to combat, they just could not find a formula that worked. Neshaminy went on to score three more goals sealing up a 7-0, well deserved victory. All we can do is move on - it's so cliche´to say that - we have no other choice. This is our division, our conference, our competition and the challenges are only going to get more difficult. There is so much to learn from these sixty minutes about ourselves as individuals and as a unit. It is imperative that we get stronger and build up a thick skin - there is no room to crumble in the SOL. Goalie, Jordan Vradenburgh, was battered with 21 shots and numerous scuffles at the goal mouth which resulted in a few of the goals. It is games like this that test a goalkeeper's resilience and ability to rise up and fix what needs to be fixed between the posts. At the same time, the field players need to do the same and find that fire to forge ahead. There were a few Pennsbury players whose presence on the field made a difference today and helped to provide sparks along the way - EB Rafferty, Jaclyn Gorgo, Olivia Graebner, Molly Murray, Sophia Curtis, and Rylie Borgman. Pennsbury will regroup and start preparing for Friday's game against CR South on turf. Congrats to Neshaminy on a great showing and thank you to all of our fans who continue to follow and support us along the way.