Pennsbury vs. Conwell Egan

Pennsbury Comments
The Falcons rolled up to their first Saturday game of the season just about 24 hours after their huge Senior Day win and celebration. Still on fire and in great spirits, the team prepared for this non-league contest with an extra spring in their step. Today's game was chosen as a GOLD OUT in efforts to raise money for Pennsbury's Mini THON organization - we were playing FOR THE KIDS (FTK). The team wore shirts they had tie-dyed together and spent some time taking pictures and setting up to fundraise. Once again the focus was on much more than the sport. Days like this are rejuvenating and refreshing when we can come together for a reason beyond ourselves and enjoy the moment. Some girls had taken the PSAT in the morning so it was great to have this game for them to play and blow off steam. Conwell was fielding only a varsity team today, but we had both Varsity and JV girls dress and be ready to play, explains Coach Traci Curtis. The coaching staff wanted to give a variety of girls an opportunity to see the field and with the logistical magic of coach Aly Mallon, we succeeded in playing 32 girls throughout the four quarters. It was a complete team effort today and really great to see everyone contributing and working together. EB Rafferty started off the scoring soon into the first quarter with a nice tip off of a pass from Meg McClure. Rafferty went on to score two more goals for a hat trick in the first quarter. EB was finishing well in the circle, which is where we have been struggling lately so it was nice to see that happening for the offense. Helena Sosa contributed an assist for Rafferty's third goal by coming up from defense and moving the ball into the circle really well. Lily Morgan was right in there helping EB put pressure on the goalie in the first 15 minutes. The score was 3-0 going into halftime as Conwell held the Falcons scoreless in the second quarter. The PHS coaches were rotating the line up like a complicated math problem. About halfway through the third quarter, Kendall Kealey connected with a deflection off of a pass from Reagan Ward. It was so great to watch the JV and Varsity players sharing the field and celebrating each other along the way. EB came back into the game in the fourth quarter and tallied one more goal to make the final score 5-0. Lily Morgan assisted for Rafferty on that final goal. Conwell worked hard and had some really nice breakaways. Their stick skills and passing in the middle was strong and forced us to adjust defensively. Kayla Shaffer did a nice job for us in goal today as she share the cage with Vradenburgh. The weather held out just long enough to get the full 60 minutes in - just as the fourth quarter was ending, the sky turned black and we think we saw Dorothy and Toto fly across the field as the wind whipped up and the temperatures dropped dramatically. We were so lucky to end when we did! The field was cleared in a flash and the Pennsbury Falcons bolted home powered by the energy from their second win in a row. The Orange and Black will travel to Truman's turf on Monday and then finish out the regular season hosting CR North on Wednesday.