Pennsbury vs. Neshaminy

Pennsbury Comments
There were two very different battles that took place at the PHS - Neshaminy field hockey game today. First was on the field - the intense, high energy, historical rivalry that always draws a larger than normal crowd to witness the matchup. The second battle was off the field as the Falcons dedicated this particular game to the beautiful and wonderful warriors who fight breast cancer every day. The PINK OUT theme provided much needed perspective as we approached this second meeting with Neshaminy, explained Coach Traci Curtis. We have come so far since we first played them at their place and shifting the focus today helped us with the mental aspect of this contest. We were so happy to be helping Pennsbury's Wink For Pink organization raise money and it allowed us to unite for something greater than ourselves and much larger than the game. With pink gripped sticks and pink ribbons in their hair, the Pennsbury Falcons took the field with a fire in their hearts and a renewed purpose. The coaching staff was very intentional leading up to today to give the girls rest and just take a collective exhale. Our practice the day before the game was super laid back and filled with non-hockey activities and we think it was the perfect way to prepare. We were ready, rejuvenated, and so realistic in our expectations for the game. Our captains helped to set various performance goals at the start and it truly worked. There is still a sour taste in our mouths after losing 7-0 to them almost exactly one month ago, but that reminder has only helped us to work harder, get better, and want to prove ourselves even more. And that we did. We are not the same team were were back then. From the first whistle the game was a nail biter as it went back and forth. Neshaminy did dominate in penalty corners, but the Falcon defense denied them time after time. The first quarter was scoreless for both teams and as they entered the second quarter, the orange and black felt like they had actually rattled the Skins a little bit. At halftime the score remained 0-0 and our kids were exploding with excitement and confidence. Our philosophy was being played out right in front of our eyes and a fresh chapter of our story was being written in that moment - this was HUGE progress for the Falcons from back in September and the coaches could not have been more elated with the team's performance. So many great things were happening and we did see some scoring opportunities, but we just were a second too late each time. Just knowing it was possible put wind in our sails and the girls kept fighting hard. Our defense continued to hold them until halfway through the third quarter when Neshaminy's, Olivia Roscoe, connected and put Nesh up 1-0. Pennsbury did not skip a beat and continued to surprise Neshaminy at both ends of the field. The score was still 1-0 at the start of the fourth quarter. Two minutes into the final quarter PHS goalie, Jordan Vradenburgh, had a great save on a lifted ball going over her head, but Neshaminy was quick on the rebound when the ball was batted down and put their second goal in to go up 2-0. There was still tons of hockey to play and Pennsbury did all they could up to the final second of the game. With one minute left, one of Neshaminy's players was carded and had to sit out so Pennsbury was up a player. The Falcons earned their first and only penalty corner as the clock ran out and had a chance to at least get one in the books. Curtis laughed, "You would have thought we won the game when the refs called that corner for us". We were just so happy for our girls who worked so hard against this amazing team and continued fighting to the very end. It was a winning moment for us as a whole. You have to grab hold of those moments when you can and although we did not score on that corner, the joy we felt setting it up will carry us far. Neshaminy has so many strong, talented players who I have a ton of respect for. Their big ball hits are crazy good and their sticks are so solid across every layer. We are proud of how we handled all of that today. Falcon fighters with stand out performances include Vradenburgh in the goal, Jaclyn Gorgo, Sophia Curtis, Jenna Outcalt, and Gabby Darling. A big shout out to the Pennsbury Wink for Pink club for coming out and cheering for us as they raised money for breast cancer. Pennsbury will get one days rest and then face CR South on Friday (Senior Day) and have a quick turn around playing Conwell-Egan on Saturday.
Neshaminy Comments
Neshaminy 2 , Pennsbury 0

3rd quarter- Olivia Roscoe from Colette Schardt, 8:11
4th quarter- Kasey Rieger from Avery McGinty, 12:53

Today our mids, Mia Martin, Colette Schardt, and Olivia Roscoe did a nice job controlling and distributing the ball. Offensively we had a lot of opportunities. We did a nice job staying composed and under control and were able to capitalize on a two nice goals. We need to keep practicing and improving for the reminder of games, playing one game at a time in preparation for Districts.

Forwards Kasey Rieger and Ava Arbakov had some nice passing combinations and worked well together. Defensively,
Morgan Shaltens did a nice job stepping up.