Quakertown vs. Abington

Quakertown Comments
Quakertown vs. Abington

Halftime Score: Q0 A0
End if Regulation Score: Q0 A0

Overtime: Q0 A1

Goalie saves: Kylie Lerch 8 saves

This was a really exciting game with a lot of back and forth play. We played well but unfortunately, Abington was able to capitalize on a corner during overtime. We had opportunities to score but just couldn’t put it in the back of the cage. We’ll learn from this and move to our next game on Friday.
Abington Comments
Abington 1
Quakertown 0

Abington Goals
Maddie Slavin assisted by Camryn Stewart and Devan DiMaria
6:58 in OT on corner play

We snuck away with a win today. This definitely was not our best hockey. The first half looked more like a soccer match for us. Tara Hughes and Marilynn Capps did a great job making sure Quakertown did not get a goal today. The second half was much better but we struggled to connect in the circle for a goal. Kudos to Quakertown who had a great game. Their passing sequences down the field were fantastic and Alex Bevan-Xenelis in the center really put pressure on us. We were fortunate to receive a corner in OT that we were able to execute for the only goal of the game.