Quakertown vs. Cheltenham

Quakertown Comments
Our entire roster saw playing tonight, the communication between players was there tonight and we were able to feed in some younger players to get some points on the board.

Goals scored:
Senior Alex Bevan-Xenelis had 2 (1 in the 2nd quarter and 1 in the 3rd quarter) coming from solid drives right from the top of inside the circle.

Junior Kiera Gallagher had 2 (both within the 1st quarter) tonight, similarly to Alex with nice hard shots on goal.

Sophomore Katelyn Landis had a hat trick (1 in the 1st quarter, 1 in the 3rd quarter and 1 in the 4th quarter) tonight with one of those goals being a hard, well-performed reverse chip to send the ball right in.

Sophomore Leah Schwalm (1st quarter) tapped the ball in to complete a goal in her name.

Sophomore Ella Schubert (3rd quarter) had a goal by capitalizing on ball crossed through the circle.

Sophomore Annie Smith (both during 4th quarter) saw some playing time, giving us 2 on the board.

Freshman Emma Stalletti (1 in the 2nd quarter and 1 in the 3rd quarter) had the spot light moment by putting 2 in.

Freshman Casey Rosenberger had 1 (4th quarter), she sweeped in.