Quakertown vs. Spring-Ford

Quakertown Comments
Goals were both scored in the 1st quarter. Alex Bevan-Xenelis put us on the board early capitalizing off of a corner with 12:10 left to go. Then Spring-Ford retaliated. Next Kiera Gallagher added to the score off of a corner as well, received the pass from Landis and completed a hard post shot with 2:22 left to go. Again, Spring-Ford retaliated. We held them for a while then got 2 strokes called against us and a lifted post shot that gave Spring-Ford the advancing score. We pretty much held it there. The team worked hard and they worked well together. That’s all I ask, is that they give it their all and they work as ONE unified team.

We started the season off a little bumpy (0-3) but we came back, going on a nice winning streak. The team began to mesh and they were working hard. As a team and a head coach we all grew together. We continued to put in the time, work and effort. I’m proud of them all, they never stopped and I continued to push them. We are a young team, so during the off season we will continue to work and show resilience in the upcoming year.