Souderton vs. Pennridge

Souderton Comments
Souderton Goals:
Period 1: Lauren Kenah, Assist Ang Borisow (12:42)
Period 2: Lauren Hallman, Assist Kenah (13:24)
Period 4: Reiley Knize, Assist Kenah (8:03)

Corners: Souderton 11, Pennridge 4
Shots: Souderton 23, Pennridge 7
Goalie Saves: Souderton 7, Pennridge 18

I was really pleased with our effort today. I was a bit worried we might let down after getting a really tough win last week at North Penn. This league is super competitive, so if a team doesn't bring it's best every time out, anything can happen. We're trying to take one game at a time and show steady improvement as we go.
Pennridge Comments
Souderton plays great team hockey and is very skilled.

We are still settling into our lineup and working on playing as a unit. Although we were out scored I am happy with our teams improvement and effort.