Upper Moreland vs. Cheltenham

Upper Moreland Comments
1st Quarter
5:13 (UM) Goal - Zoe Longstreth (Unassisted)

2nd Quarter
9:58 (UM) Goal - Anna Duncan (Assist - Jenna Piantieri)
4:38 (UM) Goal - Anna Duncan (Unassisted)
3:10 (UM) Goal - Taylor Boone (Assist - Grace Ounan)
0:45 (UM) Goal - Lia Liou (Assist - Maggie Morrow)

3rd Quarter
10:56 (UM) Goal Mallory Seider (Assist - Cambrie Richmond)

4th Quarter
8:00 (Cheltenham) Goal Sheila Boyle (unassisted)
1:22 (UM) Goal Grace Ounan (Assist - Taylor Boone)

Saves: Emma Hurley (UM) - 1, Mayanna Perry (Cheltenham) - 10, Ryan Fillmore (Cheltenham) - 5

Next Game: Friday, September 17th @ Springfield

We capitalized on our opportunities in the circle. Our forwards did a great job setting up our press which allowed us to keep the ball in our attacking end for most of the game. Cheltenham's goalies had some great saves. We are looking forward to building off of this success and bringing this momentum into our next game.