William Tennent vs. Pennsbury

William Tennent Comments
The game against Pennsbury was overall a great game of hockey. William Tennent girls put everything that we talked about in pregame practice into place and showed that they are true competitors this year. Our goalie, Sophia Trozzi and our defense Alexis Jones, Vanessa Yanes, and Alicia Hoefferman were a brick wall back in the circle and kept their composure throughout the entire game and did not let anything go by. Midfielder, Carly Pritchett was another contributor in helping our team chemistry flow between the defenders, midfielders, and forwards! Their intensity and their team chemistry shined throughout the game especially in the end. We got possession on our side on the 35 with 48 seconds left on the clock and the girls were able to carry it down the field and get a corner with no time left on the clock. After a foul called on the first corner we were able to get a second chance, but with an unbelievable fly the ball was called out of play and it was time for overtime. Starting overtime we, as a team, were very confident and we were confident that our girls on the field can capitalize on utilizing our space and our forwards and mids speed. Kirsten Scott had a fantastic carry down the sideline and a beautiful move into the center of the circle where her teammate Karly Adkins cut for her to her left. Kirsten saw the cut and lead Karly with a pass. Karly was able to run up to the ball and shoot a fast and hard hit to the middle of the cage as Carly Pritchett was able to get a touch on the ball and knock in the game winning tip with less than a minute into OT. Overall, it was a great game of field hockey and we are excited to keep putting in the hard work to improve our skills!

Erin Ellis - 1 shot on goal (2nd half)
Carly Pritchett - 3 shots on goal (1st half); 1 shot on goal (2nd half)
Kirsten Scott - 1 shot on goal (1st half)
Courtney Bragen - 2 shots on goal (1st half); 1 shot on goal (2nd half)
Karly Adkins - 2 shots on goal (1st half); 2 shots on goal (2nd half)
Vanessa Yanes - 1 shot on goal (2nd half)

Sophia Trozzi - 11 saves (1st half); 7 saves (2nd half)

Carly Pritchett - 1 goal scored (OT @ 14:37)
Pennsbury - 0 goals scored

WTHS - 1 corner taken (1st half); 6 corners taken (2nd half)
Pennsbury - 2 corners taken (1st half); 2 corners taken (2nd half)
Pennsbury Comments
Thursday, September 12, 2019

It was not your typical start today in the Panther’s stadium. The pre-game routine was shifted as the JV was scheduled to play first and then soon into that first game, the sun disappeared and the torrential rains fell. The Pennsbury and Tennent Varsity players stood and watched the JV squads finish in the saturating rain…and then it stopped. Pennsbury’s JV came out on top 2-1 and set the tone for their soaking wet teammates. The Falcons and the Panthers did not let the weather or later playing time affect them at all. After a quick warmup, they wrung out their uniforms and stepped onto the field ready to go. For Pennsbury, it was definite progress from previous games as they started on fire and had immediate offensive opportunities. Those opportunities didn’t pan out as Tennent’s goalie was an absolute brick wall and she continued that caliber of play throughout the entire game. If there was an MVP, it would have been her, hands down. The Falcons had breakaways, shots, scuffles in the circle, and much more, but never got one over the white line. Pennsbury goalie, Keira Korzeb, did an outstanding job keeping the ball out of her cage as well. The game was exciting from the start and a evenly matched battle that was still 0-0 at halftime. The second half was much of the same, but the excitement heightened when Tennent had two penalty corner opportunities after the clock ran out at the end of regulation. With the score 0-0, the teams were staring overtime right in the face. The Panthers first corner was disrupted with a foul on PHS and resulted in a repeat try. The second attempt was blocked by the incredibly strong fly effort of PHS senior, Casey Glynn - she executed the task perfectly and sent the Falcon’s into their first overtime experience of the season. Both teams had played incredible hockey for 60 minutes and the energy was awesome, the vibe was upbeat on both sides and really a fun environment. In overtime, the Panther’s had possession first and in less than a minute worked it down the field and found a way to get one passed Korzeb. Tennent closed the book with a 1-0 win. It was great hockey and fun to watch from start to finish. Key contributors for the Falcons included: Nicole Joniak, Sophia Hitchingham, Hannah Aker, and Kayli Williams. We are extremely proud of what happened out there today, especially with needing to adjust to the turf as a grass team. Having the loss on our record is minimal compared to the spirit, efforts, unity, and heart that showed during the entire game - it was a win in so many other ways. We are continuously working to put together combinations on the field that will allow us to finish offensively - the answer will be in honing all of those little extra tactics, techniques, skills, and application of field hockey IQ. Pennsbury travels to North Penn tomorrow for their fourth game of the week.