Council Rock South vs. Bensalem

Council Rock South Comments
Goals from Dylan Bennett and Connor Weinberg
Crs goalie Andrew Roberto
Half time 1-1
This is our 4th loss, all by 1 goal. We need to break this pattern and end up on the right side of some of these results. It is shocking to me that Bensalem were winless - one if the most dangerous teams we've seen this year. SOL national living up to its competitive reputation. Not a bad team in the group!
Bensalem Comments
3-2 win over CR South goals by
Brian Gibson (Kal Ivanov), John Larbi (Hunter Shay) and Game winter by Brian Gibson (Jeremy DiPinto).

We scored first on a great team effort passing by Hunter our wise to Kal who served it and Brian finishes for the opener. Then CR South tied it up before by an absolute laser of a shot from about 30 yards out. There second goal was off a miscommunication by our backs and they capitalized on the opportunity to go up 2-1. In the past this is where we have slipped up but the boys regrouped and decided to step up and we scored our 2nd goal and we kept the pressure up and we got the winner of a great shot from about 20/25 yards out.

I was proud of our team for not giving up on the season and each other. It’s been tough going 0-5 and I told Coach Nicol that we might be the best 0-5 team out there. We have played really well and have been in the wrong side of some calls and given the ball away too much but today we almost did that but dug deep and came out with the W. CR South played hard and was really pressuring us at the end to equalize but we did a good job of clearing and holding the ball to bring the clock to 00:00.

On a personal note, it’s my first high school win as head coach and it was nice for it to be at CR South, since I used to be an assistant coach with Coach Jim Dunn for the women’s team there. I was a part of 2 PIAA Championships and I am trying to build our program from a lot of what I learned from Coach Dunn. He was a big influence on me.

We enjoy the win on the ride home but next up Truman tomorrow.