Harry S. Truman vs. Pennsbury

Harry S. Truman Comments
Pennsbury 4 Truman 2. Halftime score Pennsbury 1 Truman 0. Truman fought back to get the game to 3-2. Richie Hrouda converted a pk. Artie Dingley then scored off a throw. We created chances today and we were unable to convert. Edwin Rivera played a great game for us in the back today. We lost some marks on diagonals which Pennsbury capitalized on. Central midfielders Auyuob and Adam Fask along with Wendell Matthews were solid throughout the match. I was proud of our players today. We went down 3 0 due to some penalties but we found some energy and battled back. We still have to work hard in training and be supportive throughout the good and the bad in matches. We are so close at times. I commend our whole team today for their fight. We are on the road Saturday against Academy Park.