Central Bucks West vs. Archbishop Ryan

Central Bucks West Comments
Cb west (home) vs archbishop Ryan (away)

Final score:
CB West: 2
Archbishop Ryan: 0

Halftime score:
CB West: 1
Archbishop ryan: 0

Goals: 10th minute goal scored by Mary Kate ("MK" ) Vinkler (senior forward, captain) assisted by Alex Craine ( sophomore forward); 51st minute goal scored by Kyra Lalena ( sophomore midfielder) assisted by Mary Kate Vinkler and Trish Hauck ( sophomore defender) ( tough to tell who made the final pass to Kyra that's why I put 2 people in for assist)

CB West had outstanding play from back 4 all game ( Trish Hauck 10th, Meg Gallagher 10th, Ali Walsh 11th captain, Emily Hackett 11th, Arianna D'Elia 10th). Tireless work from Camryn Albrecht 12th captain, and Sam Lubin 11th in the middle of the midfield. Mary Kate Vinkler was dangerous every time she touched the ball.