Central Bucks West vs. Cumberland Valley

Central Bucks West Comments
So we lost 3-1 to Cumberland Valley. I will never shy away from competition and starting the season off with the best team from district 3 gave me a sense of how much we need to do to improve.

We played really bad today. For whatever reason we just didn’t have it. We were slow, not connecting passes, and just flat. We gave up an early goal but got it right back 4 minutes later. Shea Lubin was able to poke in a loose ball in front of the box to make it 1-1 at half.

We dominated the second half. Their first shot on goal went in and we had to play catch up. We couldn’t score or generate good offensive plays to get us on the board. There midfield and backs were very good from letting us penetrate and their keeper made some great saves.

We can’t play any worse than we did today so on a positive note we should be able to compete with anyone. On the flip side we need to better and play with a sense of ergency. Hopefully the girls will be ready Wednesday when we open up league play with East.