Cheltenham vs. Springfield Township

Cheltenham Comments
We lost against Springfield 3-0. Tonight was our Senior Night and it was an awesome environment and night for soccer. We had a great crowd and it was amazing to see all of the support for our team and our incredible group of seniors. We played against a well-coached Springfield team who found the net 3 times in the first half. It was a competitive game and at halftime we talked about how we wanted to give everything we had in the second half and really enjoy playing together on the field, as those moments are becoming fewer. We might not have won on the scoreboard, but this team, and especially our seniors, are absolutely winners in our book. Anneliese Craigo, Lily Crocker, Amelia Fishman, Ava Klebanoff, Maddie Messa, Lucy Trott and Taden Versaw-Barnes have all been great teammates, mentors and leaders throughout the season. Our younger players definitely look up to them and it has been amazing to see them grow not only on the field, but off it too. I am really grateful and proud to be their coach, and I know they are all going to do great things in whatever comes next for them!