Council Rock North vs. Haverford

Council Rock North Comments
It was a very pleasing performance today from our girls. Although we felt like we had control of the game it took a while for us to create some real chances, we finally connected on a cross field ball and Maura Ott was able to get there before the goalkeeper for our first goal. 1-0 is never enough and it was good to get that second goal early in the second half. Sammy Judge hit a great corner and somehow between the delivery and Kaleigh O’Donnell the ball ended up in the net. We were fortunate enough to be able to go deeper into our bench today and there were a lot of good minutes from our younger players. I thought Maura, Julianna Lanigan, Christine Jablonsky and Morgan McCaffrey really impacted the game today when they came in. It’s such a long season and to get impactful minutes from younger players is really valuable for us. Aside from the younger players our senior class led by example again today, Paige Addis, Brooke Strobel, Kaleigh O’Donnell and Alyssa Lanigan set a great example for us in doing a lot of the hard work in the middle and front end of the field. Their pressure and intensity definitely made a difference .