Council Rock North vs. Neshaminy

Council Rock North Comments
It's hard to describe how good the game was today. If you were a neutral then I'm sure it was phenomenal , if you were a fan of either team I'm sure it was great, but as a coach it was brutal!
Neshaminy is very talented, they're very strong in the middle of the field with Mercedez Paino & Abby Collins. It's also no secret how good Kylie Maxwell is up top. The game went back and forth, we had a couple of early chances and managed to get one through a great ball from Sara Tyler to Mia Cairone who turned inside and fired to the far top corner . After our goal Neshaminy were probably better than us, they were quicker and applied more pressure which led to their equalizer . For a while we were holding on but close to half time Mia Cairone was able to get free and score again to give us the lead going in to the break.
We said at half time that we were confident it wouldn't be a 2-1 game and that we needed more goals, unfortunately Neshaminy came out after the break and took it to us, they managed to grab a quick 3-2 lead but I was proud of our team for not folding and continuing to try and play how we wanted and we were able to tie it with a great first time finish from Jayne Bogle after a really good through ball from Alyssa Tyler. After that each team had some great opportunities, both goalkeepers made some good saves and it became a battle of attrition in the heat on our turf.
I think every player who played today had a positive impact on the game, even though we conceded 3 goals I thought Peyton Radosti & Kate Thomson were very good. It was a good test for our young team and we are proud of their perseverance throughout. Our league is very competitive and although we didn't get the win we wanted I think a tie will prove to be a great result .