Council Rock North vs. Quakertown

Council Rock North Comments
A close game tonight that we had control of but couldn't quite create the final chance at times, Quakertown was very organized, they did good job denying us opportunities and shutting down our final pass or cross.
For many of our girls this was their first playoff experience, and we weren't sure how we were going to play in that atmosphere but I was really impressed with some of our play at times tonight, our group was focused on the tactics we discussed and then the half time adjustments we made too.
We had a lot of the ball throughout the game and while some of our combinations were good we were restricted to some longer shots and crosses in the first half, after half time we made a couple of changes and were able to generate some better efforts but not quite enough. Danielle Eden came up with one really big save with about 20 minutes to go, and after that we really stepped up a level, but still couldn't find a finish.
In OT we came out pretty quickly, Mia Cairone hit one over the bar and then a couple of minutes later Jayne Bogle forced a turnover that Mia was able to take advantage of, created a breakaway for herself and finished it. I felt like we deserved to win and although it took a while it was worth it!
Credit to our girls for sticking to the plan tonight, everyone was solid for us, but I did think Maddie Poe and Kayla Raghunandanan created a spark for us in the second half that carried through for the rest of the group. It lifted our energy as a team for the final 20 minutes and into overtime.