New Hope - Solebury vs. Upper Moreland

Upper Moreland Comments
Um 1
NHs 0
Um 2
NHs 3

UM 27:45 Madison Forest-Rivera assisted by Brooke Lobban
NHs 43:51 Mia Usatin
NHs 53:00 Ellie Gudusky
UM 62:00 Brooke Lobban
NHs 77:49 Ellie Gudusky

We came out and controlled the ball well. We opened up our formation which allowed for some solid ball movement and we were able to capitalize taking the lead in the first half. Madison continued a far post run and was able to net her first varsity goal and the first goal of the game. We have been stressing following shots, and getting to the near post and Madison did a really good job in timing her run off of Brooke's attack.

The second half there was a bit more back and forth. New Hope was able to finish two opportunities which put us behind. We continued to push offensively. Katie Slear and Willow Taylor were able to work the ball through the middle and found Brooke Lobban for the equalizer. Our girls did a good job of not losing their composure, but we didn't have enough to finish the game. New Hope was able to come back in the 77th minute and get the go ahead goal. We will continue to learn from each game and move forward.