Pennridge vs. Souderton

Souderton Comments

Pennridge – 5
Souderton – 0

Tough loss tonight against a good team. In the first half we didn’t do ourselves a lot of favors and Pennridge quickly capitalized on our slow start. We just looked second to every ball and a little bit off the pace, which is a bit disappointing and unusual given the way we’ve been playing the past few weeks. At half time, we were down 4-0, which gave us a nearly impossible task in the second half.

Abby Allen had a good night, putting up 15+ saves. Despite the scoreline, I thought Alexis Stefanowicz and Emma Hunter did a nice job of cleaning up things at center back as well. Overall, our lack of communication and our slow start really set us back tonight and before we knew it, it was too late.

We play at North Penn on Thursday.