Pennsbury vs. Council Rock North

Council Rock North Comments
Happy with the outcome but we were a little sloppy at times today and had to dig deep to get the win. Pennsbury started out very well, they were aggressive and forced us into mistakes and turnovers early in the game. Their first goal came from a free kick that we didn't defend well enough, and they quickly scored a second on a breakaway when our defensive communication was poor.
We started to settle down halfway through the first half and we were able to get one back when Mia Cairone battled through their back line and forced one in and right before half time Kate Thomson scored on a great low free kick to tie the game. We were much better in the second half but we couldn't find the right pass or final ball to create goos scoring opportunities and had to settle for another OT game. Late in the second OT we scored on a corner kick, Maddy Poe was able to hit a low shot from the back post across the goal for the winner.