Springfield Township vs. Upper Moreland

Upper Moreland Comments
UM 2
UM 3

Spr: 6:27 Alana Decker
Spr: 7:07 Kaleigh Evans
UM: 19:10 Willow Taylor assisted by Kylie Wiest
UM: 35:59 Willow Taylor assisted by Maggie Brophy
UM: 75:22 Maggie Brophy assisted by Gracie Cartin

As you approach the end of the season, the weight of every game is really present in the moment, not to mention when your opponent is a team that always shows up to play. Our matches against Springfield are typically battles and you can see on the field the desire by each team to win. Today was no different. Even with the torrential rain and conditions, neither team let up.

We found ourselves in a really tough spot early on going two down in the first ten minutes of the half. Alana Decker and Kaleigh Evans are really dangerous, and we gave each of them respectively a look at the goal and they capitalized. We were really pleased with our girls' response to the goals. They continued to play, they continued to follow our system, and starting finding the gaps to attack. Our first goal started as a throw in, Skye Kramer hit Kylie Wiest, she was able to turn with the ball and found Willow Taylor on the far side. Willow collected the ball and finished. We continued to work through the back line and the midfield to find opportunities. We were able to get into our rhythm and created a few more dangerous chances. One equated into a corner, where Maggie Brophy found Willow Taylor's head for the finish.

The next 40 minutes were going to play out much like the first. Lots of shifts in momentum, both teams showing some favorable play. With under five minutes in the match, Gracie Cartin was able to find Maggie Brophy on a cross; Maggie took a great first touch toward goal and blasted the ball into the upper corner.

It was a really competitive match. Natalie Walton had a strong showing for us in net today, Eliza Feil, Brooke Lobban, Kyra Favors and Maggie Brophy were solid in the midfield. On our defensive end, I refer to our back line as our warriors, and they continued to be that today, Devin Bush standing out the most in today's match.

Today's win was a great team effort.