Upper Dublin vs. Upper Moreland

Upper Moreland Comments
UM 0
UD 1
UM 2
UD 2
UM 3
UD 2

UD 9:48 Alaina Sanders
UD 53:27 Erin Seabrook
UM: 58:48 Willow Taylor assisted by Kylie Wiest
UM: 70:13 Kylie Wiest assisted by Willow Taylor
UM: 85:43 Maggie Brophy assisted by Kylie Wiest

We knew that Upper Dublin was going to be looking to set up triangles and utilize their speed on the outside flank. They have some dangerous speed, size and strength on ball. They are a good team and we knew they wouldn't give us much. Both of Upper Dublin's goals came off of set piece corners. Being down 1-0 at half we talked about our formation and UD's and what we needed to do to create more opportunities. UD continued to come at us hard and we were able to contain the ball down the flank and force the cross and outside shot. Our back line of Annalise Messina, Devin Bush, Skye Kramer, Lizzy Walker and Katie Slear were tremendous for us. In our middle, Willow Taylor, Maggie Brophy, Eliza Feil, Kyra Favors, Nicole Cancel and Victoria Rosenbaum all contributed solid minutes. Flank play of Michalena Soroka, Deana Swedberg, Brooke Lobban, and Gracie Cartin were big both offensive and defensively.

Natalie Walton saw a lot of action today; I was really proud of her and how she was able to maintain her mental strength even with us being down.

Our goals were off of transition. Willow Taylor received the ball from Wiest, and was able to beat UD's defenders, she showed some great composure in front of the net. The second goal twelve minutes later and this time it was Willow playing Kylie, who was able to beat the defenders and again showed composure in finishing.

That tied it up...in OT we spoke about finishing early and continuing to keep the momentum that we had with us. We played the ball down the left side, the ball made its way to Kylie Wiest who slotted in back to Maggie Brophy for the win.

This was a big team win for us on many levels. We will continue to learn and improve as we move through this week.