Upper Moreland vs. Interboro

Upper Moreland Comments
UM 0
Int 0
UM 1
Int 1
First OT
UM 1
Int 1
UM 2
Int 1

53:15 Interboro Molly Hughes assisted by Kylie Mea
69:26 UM Brooke Lobban assisted by Kyra Favors
91:41 UM Brooke Lobban (rebound off of Kylie Wiest shot)

It has been a grind for us this week. Three games against great opponents, back to back games, with two of the three going into overtime. To say that we pushed ourselves is an understatement. Today was a difficult one for us, we had a hard time connecting and getting into our rhythm. We had some really great opportunities that we just weren't able to net. Kudos to Interboro and their efforts today. It was a hard, strong game played by both teams.

Interboro's goal snapped us out of the funk we were in, and it could be seen on the field. Not only did we tie it up in the 69th minute, but we had quite a few more dangerous opportunities prior to the end of regulation to finish it off.

Brooke Lobban was able to find a cross from Kyra Favors to put in the equalizer, and in overtime she followed a shot from Kylie Wiest and put in the rebound. Brooke is a gritty player, she is so quick with her first step, and is able to beat her opponents to the spot. She was clutch for us.

The girls knew nothing would be given to us this week, including today and it was going to take all of us, and all we had in our tanks to get this win. They showed tremendous heart and grit.

This weekend will provide us with some time to reflect on our strengths and what we need to improve on to become better. A solid week from the entire team, a great win for the entire team, including our JV program which also fielded a win.