Upper Moreland vs. Lower Moreland

Upper Moreland Comments
UM 0
LM 0
UM 1
LM 0

UM 50:31 Kylie Wiest assisted by Gracie Cartin

Natalie Walton was tremendous in net today. She tallied 11 saves, off of a very talented Lower Moreland attack. In our practice sessions we stressed the left foot of Nikki Sahl and the right foot of Morgan Pennisi. Our defensive line held Lower Moreland's attack and forced the outside shot. Devin Bush, Katie Slear, Annalise Messina, and Skye Kramer were very strong today out on the pitch.

With the help of our midfield, we were able to get into more of a rhythm in the second half, and you could feel momentum shifting our way. We were able to use half time to discuss some of the key points that we needed to adjust to produce a stronger counter attack. Kyra Favors, Gracie Cartin, Brooke Lobban, and Eliza Feil provided us with some really solid minutes.

At the start of the second half, we really stepped up our play, and momentum. We were building better through the middle of the field and finding the weakside flank. Gracie Cartin, on our left flank, was able to find Kylie Wiest, who split two defenders, and finished for us. Kylie Wiest, Willow Taylor and Maggie Brophy had a few dangerous opportunities, and they really worked for their shots today.