Harry S. Truman vs. Bensalem

Bensalem Comments
The Owls outfield was phenomenal today, our Center Fielder Ayva Knowles had 3 catches at the fence. Camryn Pickering robbed a shot down the right field line with a runner on 2nd and Clarkson cut off a ball down the left field line and made a bullet throw to 2nd to hold Truman to a single on a ball that should have been extra bases in the last inning.

Maggie Formichelli tossed 6 innings today with 8 Ks and Clarkson tossed a scoreless inning with 2 Ks.

Our outfielders were also solid offensively Knowles had 2 hits and a HBP, Pickering had a single, a walk and scored 3 runs and Clarkson had 2 hits.

Lead off batter Megan Klein continued to be a menace for opponents she led off the game with a triple then dropped a bunt single, she was intentionally walked her 3rd plate appearances. In the 7th she drove in a run on a Sac Fly on a ball that Truman’s Center Fielder robbed of what would have been a Homerun.

Each game you can see things coming more together for us as team. We are really started to trust each other.

Truman has a solid team their lead off batter Towner is a great player and we made the decision early on to pitch carefully to her not let her bat hurt us and she had 3 walks. Their cleanup batter Hannah Smith can really hit the ball. She finished the day with a double and a Homerun but her other two at bats were shots we made great plays on.