Upper Moreland vs. Springfield Township

Upper Moreland Comments
UM Win over Springfield today 13-12.

1st 3-2 Springfield
2nd 4-10 UM
3rd 8-10 UM
4th 9-11 UM
5th 11-12UM
6th 12-12
7th 12-13 UM
Springfield has a solid team. Our team came today to win and end our season with a win. I was proud of their efforts and how composed they stayed especially our pitchers. Our senior pitcher Lea Rizzo is a quiet player who has continued to get the job done when it matters. She will be truly missed in our lineup.
Our offense the second inning was led by our players pitch selection and a single by Walton an RBI from Bailey and an RBI double by Kniese.
The game was back and forth every inning and both teams were solid at the plate.
With two outs and runners on second and third Kniese was up and she looked down third at me smiled and I knew she would get the job done. She ended the game and our season with a solid double to score the winning run.