Conwell Egan vs. Bensalem

Bensalem Comments
Key Points:
-Owls sweep the Eagles 3-0
-Ashley Tarr had herself a game with 14 kills and 4 digs
-Talia DiMichele had 16 assists, 5 aces, and 2 kills
-Gianna Griffis with 6 kills, 5 digs, and 2 aces
-Rylee Haer with 5 aces and 3 kills
-Dene Howe with killer defense today getting a total of 14 digs
-Quote: “Another team win today. We were missing our varsity libero today and needed our JV libero (Dene) to step up and she killed it. This was a big game for us to win and she was a huge help getting us this win today.”
-Quote: “Ashley had herself a game today. She was hungry for the ball all game long and just kept swinging getting herself 14 kills.”