William Tennent vs. Bensalem

William Tennent Comments
William Tennent defeated Bensalem 3-0 on Monday. Bensalem is a much improved program and their girls are doing a lot of good things on the court. Our girls kept fighting together and it was an all-around good effort by our team that got better as the day went along. Sara Ingham had 6 kills and 7 aces to lead the way at the net. Christina Sienkiewicz had 7 digs and Chiara Ciccone had 6 digs and 4 aces.
Bensalem Comments
Bensalem lost 3-0 to Tennent. Crystal Dang (14 assists) set up Sydney Bawuah (6kills), Maddie Buechner (4kills), Zariah Prescott (3kills) and Dejah Howe (2 kills).