Turn Online Features Into Keepsake Posters


Over the years, one of the most popular sections of SuburbanOneSports.com has been the Univest Featured Athletes. We have been proud to highlight standout seniors throughout the years, from the all-league quarterback, to the anchor of a state champion relay team, to those kids whose quiet but steady efforts and leadership have been crucial to their teams’ successes.

If you would like a physical keepsake of this memorable honor – or of any other exclusive feature or article that has appeared on the site – it’s now possible to get one. Posters in various sizes are now being created and printed to commemorate Featured Athletes as well as college signings, Players of the Week, and other articles exclusive to SuburbanOneSports.com.

Posters can be created in sizes of 12 x 18 inches, 18 x 24 inches, and 24 x 36 inches. Each poster is custom-made and is professionally printed on standard heavyweight poster paper.

Posters can be created in standard black text on gold background, or customized to school colors, and can be created for any Featured Athlete or other feature, past or present.

Costs start at:

Printable PDF -- $20

12 x 18 -- $25

18 x 24 -- $30

24 x 36 -- $40

To further customize your poster, add an image of your athlete from the SuburbanOneSports.com photo gallery for an additional fee (The college signing photograph that appeared with the story on the website is included in college signing posters at no cost); adding your own photo-quality image is free of charge.

Posters are shipped in a standard USPS shipping tube via standard mail (to save on shipping costs, alternate pickup options can be discussed). Add $8.00 for packing and shipping costs.


We are able to create your poster from any article, past or present, that appeared exclusively on SuburbanOneSports.com (ie, Featured Athletes, college signings, game wraps and features posted to SuburbanOneSports.com). We are not able to create posters from articles aggregated from other sources that are linked to on the site.

Posters depicted with this article are prototypes, and your particular poster will look similar, but not identical. The basic posters will include the full Featured Athlete article posted on the website and athlete headshot.

Photos: Adding a photo to a 12 x 18 poster could make the print too small. Alternately, adding a low-resolution photo to a larger poster could result in a grainy or blurry image. We are happy to communicate with you and offer suggestions to ensure the poster is top quality, but refunds will only be given if the mistake is made on our part (ie, using the wrong photo, misspellings in titles or pulled quotes, etc).

We can also discuss framing options if so desired. Costs vary depending on the size and the quality of the frame, and if shipped, would affect shipping charges as well.

To learn more about getting your own poster created, please email coposterco@gmail.com.