CB West's Spratt to Play Basketball at Millersville

On Monday, May 17, 2021, Central Buck West senior Teddy Spratt was recognized for committing to continue his basketball career at Millersville University.



Teddy Spratt – Millersville University (Basketball)


Major:  Undecided


Final list of colleges:  Millersville, West Chester, Caldwell, Scranton


Reasons for choosing Millersville:  “I liked the coaches and their athletic facilities.”


What was the progression that led you to competing in basketball at the collegiate level?  “All my older siblings play college sports, so I knew I wanted to.”


Coach Adam Sherman says:  “What made Teddy special? He had a phenomenal work ethic. He was usually the first one in the gym and the last one to leave. He also had the ability to be a great teammate. He was always conscious and aware of his teammates’ feelings and emotions, and he always knew that if they felt good about themselves they were going to be better players on the court. He did everything he could to make his teammates feel good and perform at a higher level. He also was not afraid to expand his game. When he worked on his game, he knew what his weaknesses were, and he wasn’t afraid to address them and try and make them better where some kids will try and hide them as they develop as players. He was ready to try and broaden his game and make it better. We’ll miss Teddy and look forward to all the special things he’ll do in the future.”


About Teddy:

Favorite food:  Steak

Favorite TV show:  The Office

Favorite music:  Rap/Hip Hop



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